Epcot Will Look Very Different in a Few Years

Spoiler Alert: a change is coming to Epcot. Maybe one you'll like, maybe you won't like. The jury is out. The first reaction to any change to WDW is OUTRAGE. "How could they do this?! Walt is turning in his grave!!!" Me on the other hand? I'm pretty welcoming to change. I will admit, that … Continue reading Epcot Will Look Very Different in a Few Years


Flower & Garden Un-Birthday : Part V

We're here! The final installment of my birthday trip report has arrived and I am unbearably sad because now it is truly over! You cannot close the book on your most recent trip until you have completed a satisfactory trip report. And now, with what is last but certainly not least, our final afternoon and … Continue reading Flower & Garden Un-Birthday : Part V