Minnie Vans : Ride Hailing Service at Walt Disney World Coming Soon!

The D23 dust has settled and now it’s time to go through all of the announcements that were made for WDW and there were a lot!

To start, Disney announced a new ride hailing service for Walt Disney World Property called ‘Minnie Vans’! Lyft and Uber have been incredibly popular across the country and especially at Walt Disney World. For guests that don’t want to go through the rigamarole of transferring through various buses to get to a non-parks destination at Walt Disney World, this has been a tremendous service.

Brandon and I used Lyft during our last visit to get from our late dinner at the Polynesian back to our hotel at All Star Movies. The ride was 6 miles and it cost $12.43 for 2 people. The driver dropped us off at the front lobby, as is customary with taxi and shuttle drop offs.

Here’s the skinny on Minnie Vans:

  • The service will be live, park-wide on July 26th
  • The vehicle that is available is a Chevy Traverse which will feet 6-7 passengers
  • Each vehicle will be able to accommodate two car seats, which Minnie Vans will provide
  • This service is integrated through Lyft, so you will need to download the app and create an account if you do not already have one.
  • To request a ride, you will open your Lyft app on your smartphone and the Minnie Vans service will be automatically activated once your location picks up that you are on Disney property and seeking to be dropped off at another location on Disney property.
  • There is a $20 flat fee, which is competitive when comparing to UberXL’s rates. (ex: from the Poly to All Star Movies, the rate for an UberX with a car seat is between $16-$19 and UberXL with a car seat is between $22-$26)
  • This service, at this time, will not be useful for couples of groups of 2-3 who won’t require a car seat and won’t need to travel a far distance
  • Disney is still training Cast Members with the Vans which will be able to transport one wheelchair or one ECV, so be looking out for that announcement
  • Minnie Vans will have designated bus stops at each of the parks and Disney Springs where you will be dropped off. This is great news for those who are going to Magic Kingdom, as you can bypass the TTC.
  • Minnie Vans will also drop passengers off at their designated hotel building, as opposed to just the front lobby which is incredibly useful after a long day of walking.
  • Minnie Vans will be in service between the hours of 6:30AM and 12:30AM
  • This is all subject to change as the service learns and grows based on demand and customer experience

If you’d like see a live review of a Minnie Vans ride, watch the video below from Blog Mickey!


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