Flower & Garden Un-Birthday : Part V

We’re here! The final installment of my birthday trip report has arrived and I am unbearably sad because now it is truly over! You cannot close the book on your most recent trip until you have completed a satisfactory trip report. And now, with what is last but certainly not least, our final afternoon and evening in Walt Disney World:

I have not attended Flower & Garden since I was in high school and I did not truly take the time to appreciate my surroundings then, naturally because I was 17 and selfish. But now, just shy of 27 (OMG), I was ready to eat, drink, and enjoy all of the beautiful colors!

As a refresher, we spent the first half of our day in Magic Kingdom. We returned to the hotel for naps, lunch, showers, and costume changes. After using three FastPasses that morning in Magic Kingdom, we earned our 4th. By the time it was available, there wasn’t much left over for us to choose from. We went with ol’ reliable : Spaceship Earth! We decided that if we were up for it, we would test our luck with another ride’s stand by.

We also didn’t know how much time we’d have around the park since we had a scheduled ADR for 9:15 at ‘Ohana. This was difficult because we wanted to eat our way around the world, but we also didn’t want to be too stuffed for dinner. We told ourselves that we would just need to walk off everything we ate to make room for more! We ate dinner at ‘Ohana our last visit and fell in love so we were really excited to return.

Upon arrival, the entrance in front of Spaceship Earth was beautiful and welcoming with all of the Flower & Garden signs, topiaries, and statues. But it was also HOT and as we were walking towards the World Showcase, I made eye contact with Club Cool and asked Brandon if he had ever been. Once I described it, he made a bee line towards the shop. Club Cool is easily one of the best things that Disney has to offer because it’s free samples of different flavored sodas from around the world! We had so much fun trying all of the flavors (except for Italy’s because it was incredibly bitter!). It definitely started off our visit on the right foot and kept us temporarily cool.

Afterwards, we stopped by an official F&GF merch tent where we got our Passport and I bought a Flower & Garden Festival Ornament as my one souvenir from the trip (“oh, Chelsea…your memories are all the souvenirs you need” says poor, sensible me). Brandon needed a tasty frozen margarita from La Cantina de San Angel and we split a frozen mango margarita. If you’ve never had their drinks, they’re super strong! So unless you are planning on munching on snacks at the festival, consider getting some chips and salsa while you eat. Pro tip : the churros are mouthwatering.

While walking through the hoards of humans and sweating profusely, we needed to put food in our stomachs before we got dehydrated. First stop was Germany where Brandon bought a hot pretzel and I officially put my hair up to get it as far away from my skin as possible. We walked over to Italy where I ordered my own margarita, which was blended with limoncello and tequila. A match made in heaven, honestly. It was refreshing and gave me the energy I needed to carry on to the next countries!

Next stop, Japan! We had to try the critically acclaimed frushi! Brandon is not on the up-and-up and was doubtful but I silenced him forever with one glorious frushi roll. We also ordered the tuna poke which was equally as delicious!

Our last stop around the world was France, where I got another drink, La Vie en Rose which was made up of Grey Goose Vodka Orange, St. Germain Liquor, White and Red Cranberry Juice transformed into a frozen, slushy, boozy, drink. To eat, we ordered the Macaron Chocolat Framboise, which was a large raspberry macaron with a chocolate fudge and raspberry filling. I have a soft spot for French pastries and the combination of the slushy and the macaron was perfect.

The weather was starting to turn at this point, as I had predicted by the intense humidity earlier. We made a run for Soarin to escape the rain and sweat out the booze from our systems. The wait was down to thirty minutes and I was so excited to see the new and improved Soarin’! It did not disappoint and we both left with smiles on our faces, especially when we walked outside to sunshine and a cool breeze.

We had some additional time before our Spaceship Earth FP so we stopped by the butterfly tent. It was really pretty in there and I wish the butterflies were floating around eye level where the plants are but they stuck to the top and the corners of the netting. Poor babies wanted to be free and away from these freaky people in mouse ears. We also got to enjoy the topiaries and gardens around the World Showcase and Future World. It was so cool to see that they were growing vegetables and tea leaves that they ended up using in their restaurants and quick services! I’m an environment and sustainability nerd, so this was right up my alley!

After dillydaddling, we jumped into the FastPass queue for Spaceship Earth and enjoyed one of our favorite rides in Disney World. It’s relaxing like Peoplemover but also fun, interactive, and educational! Afterwards, it was time for another costume change since I had just about sweat through the outfit I was wearing! I needed a more appropriate outfit for a Polynesian dinner 🙂

We took the monorail from Epcot to the TTC and then transferred to the Resort Loop monorail and hopped off at the Polynesian Resort. We were early and went right to Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace for mojitos on their patio. It’s really nice and quiet over there and you have beautiful views of the lagoon and Magic Kingdom in the distance. The Polynesian is my dream resort and we kept thinking about what a treat (and expensive treat) it would be if we could stay there one day. About 20 minutes before our reservation time, we headed back up to ‘Ohana to give my name and they gave me a buzzer. We walked into one of the gift shops next to the restaurant and then headed downstairs to the lobby’s bigger gift shop. It’s so hard stopping myself from buying everything!!

We were seated pretty quickly and prior to our reservation time and were excited to sit down just as Wishes was starting. We usually don’t like to stick around for fireworks because leaving the parks via the buses is a nightmare, especially if you’re staying at a value resort. So I knew this was the last time I would be seeing Wishes and it was my favorite way. I was enjoy the appetizers with Brandon, sipping on a mojito, holding his hand as I said my goodbye to Wishes from across the lagoon.

Dinner was wonderful again! Service was a little slow, as our waiter was new, but we were in no rush. Shortly after the fireworks, there was a downpour that lasted for most of our dinner. By the time we exited the lobby, it had tapered off and the wonderful after-storm smell filled the air. Since it was late, we ordered a Lyft to pick us up from the Poly and bring us back to All Star for one last goodbye.

The following morning, we packed up our car. I gave Brandon a teary hug. We waved goodby to our resort and then to the gates as we drove through.

Thank you so so much for following along! I loved recounting the details of this trip, even if I’m almost three months after the fact. I cannot wait until my next visit to WDW and to share it with you all.

If you would like to feature your own trip report on the blog, email me at yasdisneyinfo@gmail.com !

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Spaceship Earth Pocket Tee : D3 Tees
Backpack : Pack the Magic
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Romper : Francesca’s






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