Flower & Garden Un-Birthday : Part IV

Yayay! Another Trip Report update! To re-cap, we spent a half day at DHS and an evening in MK. We were supposed to spend our second morning in Epcot but changed our plans last minute to rope drop Magic Kingdom instead. This one will be quick because the final update will be a doozy! So away….we….go!

Another early morning in Walt Disney World! We woke refreshed and ready for rope drop! We arrived at Magic Kingdom fairly early and waited in the hub for the opening ceremony to begin. Nothing gets you more hyped up than Mickey and friends welcoming you into Magic Kingdom!


Any time of day is wonderful at Magic Kingdom. We got there a little later than we wanted to, but still well before opening. Main Street and the Hub were already plenty crowded but we tried to get some nice shots as we waited for the ropes to drop.

After the ropes dropped, we were lead up the ramp, through Cinderella’s castle and made a mad dash for (what else?) Mine Train. By the time we got over there, the line stretched out of the queue and around the corner. When all was said and done, we waited 40 minutes which is not terrible considering that queue can be over 100 minutes (and I’m sure it ballooned to that shortly after we entered the line). Of course when we got off, Brandon said “We waited 40 minutes for that?”
I think Mine Train is cute, fun, and mildly more thrilling than Big Thunder but not worth the wait if you don’t have a FastPass! There’s better ways to spend your time in Magic Kingdom and 40 minutes can eat up a lot of time better spent having fun elsewhere!


Our first fast pass was scheduled for Pirates and we had just made the end of our window! That damn Mine Train! Afterwards, we headed to Tomorrowland for our second FastPass at Space Mountain. This is one of my favorite rides in WDW and most of you can probably admit the same. RnRC is definitely a superior indoor coaster but Space Mountain also gets my blood pumping, especially if you’re seated in the front seat!

After enjoying three rides, we needed a short break. We grabbed a drink at the Tomorrowland Joffrey’s kiosk, the new Mission to S’mores iced latte, and enjoyed it back at the hub for some people-watching. Since people-watching is so enjoyable to us, and we had some time before our next Fastpass, we went back to Tomorrowland for the Peoplemover! We now worship PM after this trip. We also walked onto Carousel of Progress because you kind of have to at least once on your trip. Plus, that AC is top notch on a hot Florida day.

Our final FastPass of the day was at the Haunted Mansion! I always seem to get stuck on this ride. This time we got stuck in the graveyard for a few minutes and then again in front of the hitch-hiking ghost mirrors which was a bummer because once the ride started again, our hitch-hiking ghosts had disappeared! Still one of my favorite rides, I can’t get enough.


Afterwards we headed to the most beautiful bathrooms in the park, the Tangled bathrooms, and then called it an afternoon. We needed to relax and get prepped for a long afternoon and evening at Epcot and a farewell dinner at ‘Ohana!


Outfit Details!
WDW Park Map Ears :  We’ve Got Ears
Best Day Ever V-Neck : Happily Ever Tee’s


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