Splash Mountain Refurb Announcement

I’ll need everyone to calm down. Splash Mountain will be getting a refurb this year. Not big news, it goes down for a lengthy refurb every winter. Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it will be going down earlier than usual. The current refurb dates are scheduled between August 28th through November 16th.


Why would they be closing earlier during a busier season? Well, there’s only speculation at this point. The theory is that there will be another ride that is also slated for a lengthy refurb in the winter. Disney does not want to shut down too many top rides at the same time. It does not help with ticket sales, crowd distribution, or visitor satisfaction (not sure if they truly care about satisfaction but they definitely care about money). You would suspect it would be another Magic Kingdom attraction. The only other refurbs that are in the works for this year are Mission Space and the Great Movie Ride.

The rumor mill will continue to run and I’ll let you guys know if there are any future updates!


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