Flower & Garden Un-Birthday Weekend! Part I

Hello my beautiful and lovely fictitious friends!

Two short weeks ago, Brandon and I were preparing for a very long car ride to Walt Disney World where we spent a lovely, warm, short weekend as an early birthday celebration!
Some background details : We arrived Friday March 31st and departed Monday April 3rd and we stayed in the Mighty Ducks section of the All-Star Movies Resort. We had two remaining days on our No-Expiration Park Hopper passes (RIP to the No Expiration option). This is the 3rd trip we’ve been able to squeeze out of what was originally a 7-day pass. I purchased the two passes through AAA in 2014 for $650 each (!!!) so I believe I got my money’s worth.

I’ll spare the details of our uneventful 17-hour tour in the car down the East Coast and jump right to the start!

We arrived at 2PM and immediately put ourselves down for a well-deserved nap (Brando more so as he did all of the driving). We had no plans for a park visit that day but we did make reservations to try out the newly opened Paddlefish at Disney Springs. I was really excited to see the updated decor and menu as I had not been there since it was still Fulton Crab House, and even that was a few decades ago, or so it feels.

I stopped on the way to the bus stop to get a quick photo with a lil Dalmatian friend. (The Value resorts may not have all of the fabulous amenities as the Moderates or Deluxe Resorts, but they have very underrated decor! If you are like me, spend very little time in your room, take a second as you’re strolling to enjoy these little touches!)


*I wore my Mermaid Harp Pixie ears for my evening in Disney Springs

If you haven’t been to Disney Springs in a minute, holy wow. It’s absolutely gorgeous. You totally forget that you’re anywhere near Walt Disney World, it’s so beautiful and luxurious with the updates. We walked through a few shops before checking into Paddlefish for our 8:15 dinner reservation. The front lobby was packed but apparently with people who either didn’t have reservations or were requesting a specific dining area. We only waited five minutes or so and were actually seated prior to our reservation time on the second floor dining room beside the window overlooking Disney Springs!

Our server, Jeremy, was outstanding. I’ve honestly never had a better dining experience as far as service is concerned and the food was pretty fantastic, too! We started off with drinks. Brandon ordered a Jay Alai from the draft list and I ordered the Southern Sangria which was loaded up with bourbon. It was yummy but STRONG. For appetizers, we ordered the Crab Fries, which came with big lumps of crab meat on string fries and a spicy dressing along with a big bowl of New England Clam Chowder. We could have just lived with one appetizer, the fries, as we didn’t expect the humongous serving sizes! Next time, we’ll order the lobster guacamole. It looked delicious at the other tables around us and they make it fresh beside your table.

For our entrees, Brandon ordered the fish special, Oscar Sea Bass with asparagus and bearnaise sauce. I ordered the brown butter scallops over pureed cauliflower and crispy bacon brussel sprouts. They were iiiincredble! I highly recommend my dish. Brandon said his was delicious as well but was really jealous of my scallops. They were cooked perfectly, and the flavor of the overall dish was amazing. Our bill came out to $120 so keep that in mind if this is not something that is in your budget. If you want a nice romantic fancy dinner, put Paddlefish on your short list. They also have a limited menu in their Lounge Area which might better suit your budget if you’re looking for a late night fancy snack with drinks. They do accept the Disney Dining Plan as well as Disney Gift Cards (I paid part of our bill with a Gift Card).



At the end of the meal, Jeremy came over and asked very nonchalantly “Would you like a to-go cup for your water?”. I was puzzled for a split second as he said it so matter-of-factly that I really thought he meant my WATER. I looked at him with a confused look, we gave each other a nod and I said very plainly, with slight uncertainty “Yes”. Next thing I know, he comes back with this plastic cup with a lid, I quickly poured the remaining Southern Sangria into it and we bounced! I seriously felt like I was a kid again with the thrill of doing something so silly and bad. We walked through the rest of Disney Springs, enjoyed the beautiful evening and sipped carefully on our ‘water’.
*DISCLAIMER* We were responsible, we were not drunk, we just wanted to finish my expensive drink without having to throw it down my throat before exiting the restaurant.

After we took in all of the sights, sounds, and sangria (put that on my tombstone) we headed towards the buses back to All Star Movies to call it a night. The following morning we would be rope dropping Hollywood Studios and we knew we needed more recharging.

Day 2 coming up soon!!


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