New MagicBand Design Revealed!

Holy wow! This is big news. There’s been rumors floating around for a while that Disney was working on a new design for the MagicBands to make them more versatile and that the shape would be “disc-like”. revealed in a post, photos of the new MagicBands that are being coined MagicBand 2. The second generation of the MagicBands will feature a disc which will house all of the chip data, which can pop in and out of wristbands AND keychains. You can either wear your MagicBand on your wrist, attach it to your keys, your backpack, your purse, your lanyard. The possibilities are endless here. The discs have two little screws to make them secure and child-friendly, so don’t worry about losing your MagicBand while on Rock N’ Roller Coaster.

There will be new designs for the wristbands and cute little keychains that Disney has revealed. One of the keychains sorta looks like a Tamagotchi (hey 90’s kids). The point here is that the MagicBand will be more comfortable, more versatile, more convenient, and likely cheaper for Disney to manufacture. DON’T WORRY those of you who purchase very expensive Dooney & Burke 1st Get MagicBands, you will likely be able to use yours for years and years to come. No confirmed date for when Disney will make the official switch but you should expect that they will start sending Resort Guests these new MagicBands very soon.

I think what I’m most excited about is to see how the DIY Disney community adapts. There are countless shops who specialize in custom MagicBand designs. They may need to alter their designs to fit the needs of the new wristbands but they will also now be able to branch out into keychains! Here’s to hoping for some super cute metal bangles that double as MagicBand holders.

Get the full scoop on the MagicBands over at and let me know how you feel about the new design in the comments


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