Later, Main Street Electrical Parade

Goodnight, farewell, au revoir MSEP. Although, didn’t we go through this before with you? Approximately 20 years ago? Whatever.

After much speculation that MSEP would be departing Disney World’s Magic Kingdom after a long…long..long…long run, it was finally announced on the Disney Parks Blog that the parade will run for the last time in Magic Kingdom the evening of October 9th and will be moved back to Disneyland for a limited run.

Now…rumors have been circling about which parade will replace MSEP in Magic Kingdom. Will it be Pain the Night? Sorry, folks but probably not. Guest Relations memos have been sent to Cast Members which specifically deny the transfer of Paint the Night to Magic Kingdom. This leaves WDW fans to wonder if they will be without a parade.

Those park guests that had made MSEP Tony’s Dinner Packages during evenings after October 9th, obviously called the Reservations hotlines wondering if they needed to cancel their reservations. They were told by Cast Members that they were free to do so, of course, but they advised them to wait on it as there are plans in the works to compensate them with another experience of some sort.

Now, I had gone back and forth about whether I wanted to jump into the fold in regards to this conversation and only to give out circumstantial, rumors at best. No one knows for certain in these early stages what will happen in WDW after MSEP leaves for the West Coast but here are some ideas from some better sources :

  1. MSEP is moved to Disneyland, Paint the Night is moved to Tokyo, and Dreamlights is moved to Magic Kingdom (this is an exciting idea, although Tokyo is independently owned and may not be willing to give up Dreaminglights which is considered the best of all the evening parades in Disney Parks)
  2. Festival of Fantasy Parade is scheduled for later in the evening as most of the floats are set up with lights on them and can easily be used in the dark. This could be a temporary fix until a new parade is developed as evening hours will begin earlier, it won’t require much of an adjustment through the fall and winter (also considering that MNSSHP and MVMCP will each have their own evening parades). This seems like the most likely immediate adjustment to the loss of MSEP and will save WDW some time and money to develop new experiences for their 50th Anniversary.
  3. No one will entirely count out Paint the Night quite yet although it’s already been determined that it will return for a limited run during the holiday months in Disneyland. It’s limited run will likely end in early 2017. It could take up residence in WDW for a few years while Imagineers develop their new parade.

As always, if more concrete information is released, which I’m sure WDW will have to say something soon, I’ll update this space!




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