Stitch’s Great DEPARTURE

Another ride is on the chopping block according to more sources! Stitch’s Great Escape, a wildly unpopular ride, is on its way out. What may replace it is still being withheld but had users speculating that it could either be “Wreck It Ralph” or “The Incredibles”. I believe either would fit into the Tomorrowland theme rather nicely. The project, although not yet green lit but well on its way, will feature 3D in two theaters, similar to the current attraction with one of the sources comparing the new attraction to Despicable Me in Universal Studios Orlando.

I think most of us will celebrate this change. If the project is green lit, it should hopefully be opened sometime between 2018-2021. WDW seems to be pulling out all the stops in preparation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

I’ll be sure to update you once more information is made available!


*UPDATE* 8/15 – It’s looking more and more like a Wreck It Ralph ride featuring the Sugar Rush scene in the movie! Hoping to hear an announcement soon from Disney Parks


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