Quick Update!

I’ve been working like a dog lately! I spent a week on Long Island so I temporarily avoided all Disney related material so I could be as present as I possibly could, as I usually don’t have that much time to spend with my family besides a short weekend here or there.

I have a major Disney haul to go over with you all (sneak peek above!) so I’m getting my goodies in order for photos! ALSO, I’m 93 days from my trip to WDW so there’s a ton of preparation going on between planing my Disneybound outfits, which is very difficult when you only have four park days, and collecting the perfect pieces for those outfits, which also is difficult when you’re on a tight budget.

Additionally, Brandon and I are taking a weekend getaway to the Outer Banks of North Carolina after Labor Day so I need to make sure I have some non-Disney attire for my four days at the beach 🙂 This means I’ll be off the grid for another few days which is always a nice thing.

I’ve been keeping very close eyes on all of the open rumors and although there’s nothing major to report at the moment (EPCOT, Guardians, Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, new evening MK parade, Wreck It Ralph replacing Stitch), I can say that it appears that if all goes well, Rivers of Light should be premiering in early to mid October! Keep your fingers crossed that testing continues to be productive and that their soft openings (which will be happening after park hours throughout September) run smoothly. All you late Autumn bounders will be in for a delightful treat!

Later, Main Street Electrical Parade

Goodnight, farewell, au revoir MSEP. Although, didn’t we go through this before with you? Approximately 20 years ago? Whatever.

After much speculation that MSEP would be departing Disney World’s Magic Kingdom after a long…long..long…long run, it was finally announced on the Disney Parks Blog that the parade will run for the last time in Magic Kingdom the evening of October 9th and will be moved back to Disneyland for a limited run.

Now…rumors have been circling about which parade will replace MSEP in Magic Kingdom. Will it be Pain the Night? Sorry, folks but probably not. Guest Relations memos have been sent to Cast Members which specifically deny the transfer of Paint the Night to Magic Kingdom. This leaves WDW fans to wonder if they will be without a parade.

Those park guests that had made MSEP Tony’s Dinner Packages during evenings after October 9th, obviously called the Reservations hotlines wondering if they needed to cancel their reservations. They were told by Cast Members that they were free to do so, of course, but they advised them to wait on it as there are plans in the works to compensate them with another experience of some sort.

Now, I had gone back and forth about whether I wanted to jump into the fold in regards to this conversation and only to give out circumstantial, rumors at best. No one knows for certain in these early stages what will happen in WDW after MSEP leaves for the West Coast but here are some ideas from some better sources :

  1. MSEP is moved to Disneyland, Paint the Night is moved to Tokyo, and Dreamlights is moved to Magic Kingdom (this is an exciting idea, although Tokyo is independently owned and may not be willing to give up Dreaminglights which is considered the best of all the evening parades in Disney Parks)
  2. Festival of Fantasy Parade is scheduled for later in the evening as most of the floats are set up with lights on them and can easily be used in the dark. This could be a temporary fix until a new parade is developed as evening hours will begin earlier, it won’t require much of an adjustment through the fall and winter (also considering that MNSSHP and MVMCP will each have their own evening parades). This seems like the most likely immediate adjustment to the loss of MSEP and will save WDW some time and money to develop new experiences for their 50th Anniversary.
  3. No one will entirely count out Paint the Night quite yet although it’s already been determined that it will return for a limited run during the holiday months in Disneyland. It’s limited run will likely end in early 2017. It could take up residence in WDW for a few years while Imagineers develop their new parade.

As always, if more concrete information is released, which I’m sure WDW will have to say something soon, I’ll update this space!



Stitch’s Great DEPARTURE

Another ride is on the chopping block according to more sources! Stitch’s Great Escape, a wildly unpopular ride, is on its way out. What may replace it is still being withheld but had users speculating that it could either be “Wreck It Ralph” or “The Incredibles”. I believe either would fit into the Tomorrowland theme rather nicely. The project, although not yet green lit but well on its way, will feature 3D in two theaters, similar to the current attraction with one of the sources comparing the new attraction to Despicable Me in Universal Studios Orlando.

I think most of us will celebrate this change. If the project is green lit, it should hopefully be opened sometime between 2018-2021. WDW seems to be pulling out all the stops in preparation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

I’ll be sure to update you once more information is made available!


*UPDATE* 8/15 – It’s looking more and more like a Wreck It Ralph ride featuring the Sugar Rush scene in the movie! Hoping to hear an announcement soon from Disney Parks

Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid

Another classic Disney Parks ride is on its way out! According to sources, The Great Movie Ride will be closed and remodeled into a new attraction as Disney’s contract with TCM will expire in 2018. The sources say that it is Disney’s decision to not seek renewal.

If thought about more in depth, this should not come as a shock considering Disney’s recent trend to remodel older rides, as beloved as they may be to certain demographics of Disney parks fans (see Disneyland’s Tower of Terror).

The extent of remodeling is not yet clear a this time. No one is certain if the exterior facade will be changed or the specifics of the attraction itself. There is speculation at this point that it will remain a dark ride and the premise may entail following Mickey along his “greatest hits”. It will use the new LPS technology, similar to the Ratatouille attraction in Disneyland Paris (LPS is used in reference to a trackless ride with several ride paths for groups of vehicles which usually cross each other. They may also involve the vehicles starting, stopping, spinning, following each other or moving around each other. i.e. Pooh’s Honey Hunt, Mystic Manor, Ratatouille, Antartica, Alcatraz and now this).If it remains a “movie based” ride, even if it is simply Disney movies, then it stands a chance that the exterior will remain mostly the same.

It’s been clear to Disney management in recent years that GMR does not score well in visitor surveys. They will need to strategize spreading out the crowds once Star Wars and Toy Story Lands open by luring people to other parts of the park. Disney has been highly criticized for the lack of major attractions or generally any attractions at all in DHS considering the hefty cost of 1-day base admission to the park. Since the announcement of the two new themed lands coming to the DHS, many areas, experiences, and attractions have closed to make room for construction, forcing longer waits for the remaining E-ticket attractions like ToT and RnRC.

DHS has become a half-day park and although Animal Kingdom does have their evening experiences, it will not be considered a full-day park until Pandora opens to park goers. The trickle down effect only have two full day parks and two half-day parks is that out-of-towners will spend less time in Disney and spend the remainder of their trip at Universal, which is quickly becoming a multi-day park experience.

Disney Bucket List

Since my last post, when I wrote about always wanting to see Disney in December, I began thinking about all of the other Disney experiences I’ve been dying to see and do!

Here’s my Disney Experience Bucket List :

  1. Extended stay at the Polynesian – This may be silly to many, but I’ve been dying to stay at a Deluxe Monorail Resort. I would take the ferry from Magic Kingdom and dream of waking up in the Grand Floridian but since the refurbishments at the Poly, this is my new favorite Monorail resort. The decor, the atmosphere, Trader Sams, dole whip, ‘Ohana, Kona Cafe, what’s not to love? Alas, these resorts are massively expensive – far exceeding my budget for a simple 5-6 day trip to the Worlds but I hope and plan to book a room at the Poly for an extended stay once Star Wars Land, Pandora, Toy Story Land and all other major IP’s are completed so I can take my time to enjoy them all as well as all of the amenities that the Poly has to offer
  2. Go to every Disney park(Disneyland Anaheim, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney)
  3. Become an AP holderagain, another luxury that not all can afford especially for those that do not live within reasonable driving distance of WDW
  4. Keys to the Kingdom Tour
  5. ATTEND a Disney Weddingemphasis on the “attend” as I do not plan on ever having my own Disney Wedding. The photos look beautiful and I think it would be a lot of fun to be part of one
  6. Food & Wine Festival
  7. Dine With An Imagineer
  8. Wild Trek Tour
  9. Flower & Garden FestivalI’ve been at the parks during the Festival but I have not been able to try any of the wonderful food! I have to get my hands on some frushi and the frozen lavender lemonade.
  10. Dinner at Victoria & Albert’s
  11. Disney Cruiseam I even a cruise person? I’ve never been on ANY cruise before!
  12. A photo with every Disney character!I’m not really one to wait on lines to meet specific characters, but if I had the time, I’d love to get this accomplished
  13. Become a DVC member – $$$$
  14. Complete a runDisney eventthis probably means I should start training, doesn’t it?
  15. Attend a Dapper Day eventseriously, how awesome is Dapper Day?

What are some of the things on your Disney Bucket List? Anything you think I should be adding to mine?