New Name, New Me

I started my Disney-inspired Instagram account, YASDisney, back on February 9th 2016. When creating the account, I was a bit nervous but I also didn’t quite realize what it would become for me. The name, the account, the vision was not there at the beginning. I had no idea how inviting, welcoming, and wonderful this community would be and how I would look forward to interacting with all of you.

I’ve been muling this over for quite a while. I report on both Disney and Universal as I truly love both! I knew removing the word “Disney” from my name might cause me to lose a few followers but I want to draw in a broader audience of Disney lovers, Universal lovers, and those who love both, like myself! I didn’t want to have to limit myself to only Disney posts just because it was in my name. And the name wasn’t even very crafty. I was watching a lot of Broad City at the time and wanted to get started with posting my park pictures ASAP! This has grown into something much deeper to me though and I take the account very seriously, so it was time for a name that represented that.

So today, I’m introducing to you my new name, my new identity : The Enchanted Park Hopper

Aaaaahhh! It feels so much better. I’ve updated all besides my Snapchat account (which apparently you’re unable to change, oh well). I can’t wait for you all to see the things I’ve been working on!

Instagram : @enchantedparkhopper
Twitter : @the_park_hopper
Snapchat : yasdisney


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