RUMOR : Guardians of the Galaxy On Their Way to EPCOT

Today’s rumor has been floating around the internet for a week or so and all signs point to TRUE.

It’s no secret that there are a few attractions in Future World that have been in desperate need of reforms or updates. The experts are predicting the following changes to come to EPCOT :

  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure is getting a GotG overhaul, which sources indicate has been green lit
  • Wonders of Life – which has not been utilized as an attraction in years, may very well get a GotG update as Phase II but has not yet been green lit.
  • The CommuniCore Pavillion (Innoventions) has gotten the green light for an update. Some are speculating it could become a Club Cool
  • Mission : Space also got the green light for a refurb/update!
  • Lastly, plans are on the horizon for updates/changes to Journey Into Imagination but nothing has received approval yet.


I think there’s a ton of wasted space right now in Future World and having another major dark attraction to replace outdated shows/pavilions would be most welcome, in my humble opinion. With Star Wars Land and Toy Story feeling like they are lightyears from completion and Pandora arriving next year, Disney needs to generate some major excitement for EPCOT, beyond a Frozen ride in Norway. As always, give change and peace a chance. Hopefully we get some previews from the Disney Parks Blog soon!


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