The Incredible Hulk Refurbished Queue and Vehicle Reveal!

As much as I love Disney, I cannot get enough of thrill rides. My first roller coaster experience was The Incredible Hulk in the spring of 2007. My sister forced us to ride in the first row. She said “You’re either going to hate it or love it. If you love it, you’ll never be afraid of another thrill ride ever again” (she didn’t know about Kingda Ka in Six Flags yet, that’s another story) and she was so right. My love affair with speed and twirls and thrills was born and thriving.

As most know, the Incredible Hulk roller coaster in Islands of Adventure closed last year for a massive refurb and is due to be completed and reopened this summer!

Universal has revealed the drawings for the new queue and the snazzy new ride vehicle. It straight up looks MENACING.

Watch the video for the full reveal and tell me if you’re still not excited (you’re lying if you’re not)



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